You call it 'Business'.
We call it 'Life'.

SIGMA TRADE S DE RL. has built a formal framework of consistent standards of business conduct and formed our own ecosystem based upon the enhanced operating principles and HR strategy to follow the dynamic changes occurring around the globe nowadays.

SIGMA TRADE S DE committed to operating with integrity and the Company’s policies specifically prohibit engaging in unethical conduct and all our employees and contractors strictly follow the principles of a world-class honest business compliance program.

Operation safety, ensuring our integrity and complying with honest and transparent business laws are the starting point for everything we do at our premises and we strongly believe that only ever lasting human values can help us to build a better and more comfortable world.

We have generated our SIGMA TRADE Charter of Contracts’ Conclusion Principles, Code of Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption Compliance Code to clearly state our obligations for employees and contractors and to make our policy concerning contracts’ conclusion even more transparent and honest.

Our globally managed contractors and suppliers have requirements in their contracts consistent with Our Charter and SIGMA TRADE Code of Business Conduct.